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metallic divider by ToxiceStea
It's not really about me. It's all about the Artist in me.

Art is the language of emotions.
Emotions come from within, and an artist can be easily described by what he or she draws the most. Their art is what best describe them.

There's no need for words, you only need to look with your eyes. Words aren't as powerful as actions, yet an action without a word is always ignored. So here I'll declare what God has done in my life.

I'm not the painter. I'm the brush the Artist holds.
I'm not the writer. I'm the pen the Artist grips.

I'm not the artist. I'm the tool the Artist use.

To those of you who don't know, I am a tool of this great and awesome Artist who had created it all. He is an Artist capable of creating a masterpiece from a scratch. His canvass is your life. His stories are yours. His songs are your feelings. His pictures are of you smiling. He is the God that I serve, the Artist that I adore. He is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. :heart:

See the colors He painted in my life. Listen to the story He wrote for me. Hear the songs He sings for me. Look at the pictures He sees of me. That is the Artist I am talking about, the Artist who makes something beautiful out of a trash like me.

2 Corinthians 4:18 "Fix your eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen, for what is seen is temporary, and what is unseen is eternal."

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Divider 2 by Canzeda:heart: Divider 2 by Canzeda
Hi everyone! I really missed being involved in the DeviantArt community. It's been a while since I last wrote a journal here, and I'm not sure if some of my watchers here are still active. Most of my friends who were once active here are kind of busy with their own life now so it's been tough coming back here even after I started updating this account in the past months. But I'll still continue to post my recent art here and that includes my recent work-in-progress that I want to share with you! A quick warning, this post would be a bit long but I would really appreciate it if you're still interested to read the rest :)

For the past years since I started to be inactive here, I've been trying to work on my story called "Solm Quest". I've always wanted to make a visual novel but I haven't really gotten around to doing it until recently. I wanted to make a story that will have some impact and somehow share some of my realizations about life. It started when I was trying to come up for some ideas for my thesis. At first I just wanted to make a simple story about a person trying to figure out what is life and the purpose of living, because that's the exact feeling I was feeling back then. I know it sounds a bit depressing but the stress of thesis is to blame for it. By the time I'm done with my thesis, the story changed yet again to be about a person who wants to find out what makes them unique. I think I still retained those ideas but thanks to a lot of stress, problems and situations that I've went through, the story underwent a lot of changes, even the characters.

So in the end, it can be summarized by a simple sentence that goes like this: it is about a worthless boy who struggles to find his place in a judgmental world. And yes, I just described my character here worthless XD Let me explain a bit about the story:

In this world, a person's value and worth is determined by a mark appearing on the body called "solms". Depending on how developed a solm is, a person's value can be that of a king or a slave. Usually a solm appears during adolescence, and by 18 most people have already developed a solm. But Eliukel is about to turn 18 in a few days and yet he still hasn't gained a solm. People started rumors about him being cursed and that he has no value as a person. On the day of his 18th birthday, he decided to leave their town and search for the origin of the solms.

The world in my story is really vast. And I honestly spent months trying to conceptualize their world. So here's an early draft I made for the country where the first part of the story takes place:

Erimead Map by Yuumira

Erimead here is just one of the five countries of this world where Eliukel and the others resides. As Eliukel journeys to find the origin of the solm, he'll be travelling to far places and other countries which I haven't really started mapping out yet. Each country focuses and specializes on one specific talent that makes each one of them unique and strong. Here's a quick introduction and description to the five countries:
  • Erimead - The Kingdom of the Elites. Most people that comes from here gains a perfect solm and becomes notable people that excels in various fields.
  • Lothari - The Kingdom of  Information. People in this country are known to be intelligent and smart researchers and spies that can collect and gather various data and information.
  • Teravenn - The Kingdom of Inventions. This is where charms, machines, weapons and other items are made and exported. Their people are skilled with their hands and provide resources.
  • Mireavia - The Kingdom of Warriors. The country where the strongest knights and mercenaries come from.
  • Caedri - The Kingdom of Magic. The scattered islands are said to be connected to nature's power and that people here is believed to be able to harness this power to heal and cure.

I'm still working out on some details here and there but that mostly sums up the idea of the world. I got so caught up in creating their world that I lacked development with the characters XD So far, I have three fully developed characters which I could consider to be the main characters. I'm working on the side characters/other important characters that will help advance the story. Here's some sketches/images:

Early Character Sketches by Yuumira

Ailelli 12yrs.old by Yuumira Eliukel 12yrs.old by YuumiraKeon and Enciente by Yuumira 

These are the early sketches of the characters. Honestly most of these are the scrapped character designs from my first thesis which I couldn't just delete and so I reused them for my story XD

A quick introduction and description of the characters shown above:
  • Eliukel Larwain - "The person with no value". He was raised in a family of scholars, where both parents are recognized by the king for their intellect and research. Being the eldest son of such a family, expectations were so high and the pressure pushed him to leave town in order to seek the origin of the solms where he also hopes to find his very own solm.
  • Ailelli Serale - A nobility from the Lothari Kingdom. She is an only child of the Serale Family which is known for their cunning ways in retrieving and obtaining information. A childhood friend of Eliukel and like him, she also hasn't gotten her solm yet although she still has a few months before turning 18. However, After Eliukel left town, she accidentally gained her solm.
  • Elendav Larwain - Eliukel's little sister who was called a genius for being born with a solm. She's started helping their parents with their studies and research as early as four years old. She's the one who told Eliukel about the origin of solms in hopes to help her brother.
  • Encienté Gill - Eliukel and Ailelli's teacher and now a mentor of Elendav.
  • Keon Theolor - A knight/spy in service of the king.

variation characters F by Yuumiravariation characters M by Yuumira
And these are design variations of the different clothings of different characters based from their personality/background/culture etc. Here's an animation test which I plan to use for the character sprites for the visual novel. I'm still trying to learn Live2D so it will really take a while.

Honestly, at first I'm kind of debating whether I share this with you already or not since I'm still working on a lot of things in regards to this project and most, if not all, of the information/designs shown here might change as I work on it. But after I finished the animation test I linked above, I got really excited of the idea that this visual novel is finally going to happen! Although the progress is reaaaalllyyyyy slow as I'm doing all the illustrations, the script and the coding but I'm making progress, even if it's little. So I'm not really sure when I'll be able to actually finish this but I'm hoping to finish this!! I'll try to post updates as I progress with my project. I hope you guys will be interested and support me with this one! I'd love to hear your thoughts about the progresses and about this project.

Also, please feel free to follow me on my other accounts because I'll most probably post sketches over there than here in deviantart (because for some reason I only want to post finished illustrations here XD).

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